14 May 2018


The name of this Club shall be the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club, Inc. hereafter referred to as  the Club.


The purpose of the Club shall be to conduct sled dog races and promote the safe and humane training, driving, and racing of sled dogs.


A. Club business shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, except as specified in the By-Laws.

B. Club business shall not be conducted for profit.

C. The Club shall not declare dividends to its members.

D. The fiscal year of the Club shall be 1 June to 31 May.

E. All Business shall be decided by a majority of the voters present except as specified in  these By-Laws.


A. Membership is open to all individuals and groups who believe in the purpose of the Club and who accept the responsibilities of membership regardless of religion, race, color, creed, sex, age or national origin. Only senior, junior and family Club members may participate in competitive Club events.

B. Eligible persons and groups will become members upon receipt of dues by the Treasurer.

C. Membership Categories and Privileges.

1. Senior member – open to persons 19 years of age or older as of the start of the fiscal year; may vote (one vote per membership), hold office, participate in Club functions  and receive Club publications.

2. Junior membership – open to persons 18 years of age or younger as of the start of the  fiscal year; may participate in Club functions and receive Club publications. Do not have the right to vote.

3. Family membership – open to family groups; individuals may vote (maximum of two  votes per membership), hold office and participate in Club functions as their age allows; and receive Club publications (one per membership).

D. Dues.

1. Dues shall be set by the Executive Board and approved by the membership.

2. The membership year shall be the fiscal year.

3. Dues received at any time during the membership year shall apply toward that current membership year, except dues received during May which may be applied toward the following membership year.

4. Dues in one half of the regular full year amount will be accepted after 15 February of each year. These partial year members are entitled to all the rights of that class of membership except member rates at races.

5. Dues are payable to the Treasurer on or before June 1st. If dues remain unpaid by July 1st, membership shall lapse.

E. Member’s Responsibilities.

1. Members shall support the Club’s purpose of participation as possible in Club functions.

2. Members shall enhance Club unity by promoting good fellowship and competing in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

3. Members shall attempt to keep abreast of Club business so as to cast informed votes with respect to:

a. their participation in the Club decision making process;

b. their exercise of the membership recall power (see Article X-C);

c. their exercise of the membership veto power (see Article X-D).


A. General Membership Meetings.

1. A registration book shall be established and maintained where all eligible voting members will sign in at the beginning of each meeting, the purpose of which shall be to check attendance and voting eligibility. A record of absentee ballots should also be recorded in the book.

2. Meetings shall be held in the spring and autumn of each year.

3. Additional meetings may be called by:

a. petition of 20% of the voting membership (such meetings to be held within 21 days of receipt of the petition by the Secretary and at a time and place designated by the executive Board);

b. the Executive Board.

4. Written notice of all meetings shall be communicated to all members at least 14 days prior to each meeting.

5. A quorum shall be one fifth of the voting membership.

6. At the autumn meeting the membership shall elect from among the members in good standing two people to serve on the Election Committee.

7. At the spring meeting, membership shall:

a.  vote their preference on the continuation of each race held during the past season;

b. approve race entry fees.

B. Executive Board Meetings.

1. There shall be a minimum of one Executive Board meeting between each general membership meeting.

2. Additional meetings may be requested by any member of the Executive Board or by petition of 20% of the Club.

3. Meetings will be held upon approval of a time and place by the Executive Board (such vote to be taken within seven days of receipt of the request by the President) and without undue delay.

4. All Executive Board members shall be directly notified in an expedient manner and at the earliest possible date of each Executive Board meeting.

5. A quorum shall be a majority of the board membership. 

6. All questions shall be decided by a vote at least equal to a majority of those Board members voting.

7. In the event that a decision must be made when a meeting is impractical, every attempt shall be made to notify all Board members of the question. Board members shall then be given ample time to discuss the question with others before a vote is taken. A written verification of the vote shall be mailed to the Club secretary within seven days. The results of such a vote shall be published in club publication(s).


A. Officers and Their Duties.

1. President:

a. oversee all Club functions.

b. supervise all race-related Club activities.

c. nominate persons to vacancies which occur in the elected positions, such nominations subject to Executive Board approval.

d. plan executive and general membership meetings; such planning subject to Executive Board approval.

e. officiate and act as parliamentarian at all Executive Board and general membership meetings.

f. sign all contracts on behalf of the Club.

g. appoint the Club social media coordinator and webmaster, such appointment subject to Executive Board approval.

2. Vice-President:

a. exercise all duties of the President in his/her absence or incapacitation.

b. supervise all Club activities not specifically assigned to the President.

c. perform duties as requested by the President.

d. becomes president for the unexpired term in the event of a vacancy in the presidency.

3. Secretary:

 a. keep complete and accurate records of all business transacted at Executive Board and General Membership meetings, all such reports to be filed promptly with the social media coordinator and/or webmaster for inclusion in club publication(s).

b. manage all club reports, records and correspondence; including writing (as directed by these By-Laws and the Executive Board), receiving (including receiving copies of all official Club communications), and maintaining an orderly file of such documents.

c. make reports to the Executive Board when requested and at each general membership meeting.

4. Treasurer:

a. manage all Club monies; including receiving, holding and paying (all payments to be approved by the Executive Committee).

b. keep complete, accurate and organized records of all Club financial transactions.

c. quarterly Treasurer’s reports shall be published in the Club publication(s).

B.  Directors and Their Duties.

1. There shall be five directors, all to be elected by the general membership.

2. Directors shall:

a. serve as liaison between the Executive Board and the general membership.

b. participate in the Club decision-making process as directed by these By-Laws.

c. perform duties as requested by the President.

d. elect a presiding officer (or President) from their own ranks in the event of the temporary absence or incapacitation (or permanent loss) of both the President and Vice-President.

C. Executive Board.

1. shall be composed of the officers and directors, with each member entitled to one vote.

2. shall be entrusted with the general management of all Club business, except as specified by these By-Laws.


A. Committees and Charges.

1. Winter Activities Committee:

a. shall plan and conduct all Club activities occurring during the winter season, including races, such plans to be approved by the Executive Board.

b. shall be chaired by the President and consist of the organizers of each event.

2. Summer Activities Committee:

a. shall plan and conduct all Club activities occurring during the summer season, such plans to approved by the Executive Board.

b. shall be chaired by the Vice-President and consist of the organizers of each event.

3. Autumn Activities Committee:

a. shall plan and conduct all Club activities occurring during the autumn season; such plans to be approved by the Executive Board.

b. shall be chaired by the Vice-President and consist of the organizers of each event.

4. Implementation Committee:

a. shall meet as need be to train, practice and coordinate responsibilities.

b. shall be chaired by the President and consist of all on-site event officials (as nominated by the President and approved by the Executive Board).

5. Ways and Means Committee:

a. shall plan and conduct revenue generating activities for the Club (including merchandise), such plans to be approved by the Executive Board.

b. shall keep complete and accurate financial records pertaining thereto and report same to the Executive Committee upon request and to the Treasurer at the completion of each revenue generating activity.

6. Public Relations Committee:

a. shall be charged with managing all Club public relations, excluding publication of the Club social media posts and the Club webpage, to include publicizing significant Club and member accomplishments, acting as a liaison between the Club and the media.

b. maintain a file of all such publications.

7. Election Committee:

a. shall perform duties as outlined in Section VIII-A, IX-B and X-B-2.

b. shall consist of the Secretary as chairperson and two elected members.

8. Audit Committee:

a. shall audit the Club financial records for that current fiscal year and report the results to the Executive Board early in the first quarter of subsequent fiscal year.

b. shall consist of two members in good standing appointed by the President at the Spring general membership meeting after the announcement of election results.

9. Ad Hoc Committees:

a. may be appointed by the President or the Executive Committee as needed to advance the work of the Club, such committees to report to the Executive Committee.

b. shall terminate:

i. upon completion of their assigned task.

ii. by order of the appointing agent.

iii. at the end of the fiscal year in which they were created.

B. Membership.

1. All committee chairpersons are nominated by and are responsible to the President (except as specified in these By-Laws, such nominations to be approved by the Executive Board).

2. Committee members may be appointed by the committee chairpersons (except as specified in these By-Laws) as needed to advance the work of the committee, such appointments to be noted to the Executive Board.


A. Elections shall be conducted by the Election Committee according to the following schedule:

1. January – solicitation of nominations from the membership for all vacancies in the elected offices (members may nominated members in good standing including themselves).

2. Subsequently – form a slate consisting of all those eligible and accepting their nominations.

3. March – publish all position statements received from the candidates to all voting members.

4. Spring – the election shall be determined by those present and voting including absentee ballots. The votes cast will be for the predetermined slate plus any nominations from the floor. Nominations from the floor will be accepted until immediately before the balloting for that office.

5. Balloting for each office immediately follows nominations for that office. The ballots are counted and the results are announced before voting on the next office takes place. The order of offices to be elected shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Directors, where appropriate.

Balloting will be repeated for each office as many times as necessary to obtain a majority vote for a single candidate; or in the case of Board positions – candidates. In the election of Board members if more than the prescribed number receive a majority vote the places are filled by the proper number receiving the largest number of votes. If less than the proper number receive a majority vote, those who do have a majority are elected, and all other candidates remain on the ballot for repeated balloting unless they wish to withdraw.

Members casting absentee ballots will list their votes for the candidates for director in order of preference, to facilitate subsequent balloting when the necessary majority is not obtained.

6. A voting member who was present at the previous autumn meeting may secure an absentee ballot by sending email to the Secretary.

7. Spring – Chairman announces all vote totals and declares winners at the general membership meeting, such totals to be announced in Club publication(s).

B. All terms of office shall be two years in length commencing at the start of the fiscal year, except appointments to vacancies, which shall be for the remainder of the unfilled term. The President and Treasurer beginning their terms in the even numbered fiscal years and the Vice President and Secretary beginning their terms in the odd numbered fiscal years.

C. The terms of office for the Directors shall be staggered such that two directors serve terms beginning in even numbered fiscal years and three directors serve terms beginning in odd numbered fiscal years.


A. May be proposed by any member in good standing.

B. Proposed amendments shall be managed by the Election Committee according to the following schedule:

1. December – proposed amendments shall be sent to the Secretary.

2. January – all proposed amendments shall be distributed to the membership.

3. March – all comments received by the Secretary from the membership shall be distributed to the voting membership along with a ballot.

4. Spring – Secretary announces vote totals and presiding officer declares the Club’s decision at the general membership meeting, such totals to be published, as part of the minutes, in the next club publication(s).


A. Members may be disciplined only for gross disregard of the Club’s purpose or their responsibilities as stated in these By-Laws.

B. Discipline.

1. Suspension:

a. The Executive Board shall have the authority to suspend members for just cause by a 2/3’s vote of the full Board; membership shall be suspended for a specified time no longer than the end of that current fiscal year.

b. Suspended members are not considered to be in good standing, cannot vote, hold office, or performed other duties requiring good standing as specified by these By-Laws.

2. Expulsion:

a. The membership shall have the authority to expel members for just cause by:

i. receipt by the Secretary within 30 days of the date of alleged infraction of a petition signed by 20% of the voting membership and subsequent 2/3’s vote of the membership (such vote to be conducted by the Election Committee, such ballot to be accompanied by straight-forward statements of the charge and rebuttal, written by the parties involved; the results to be reported within 28 days of receipt of the petition. 

ii. 2/3’s vote at a full membership meeting, after straight-forward statement of the charge and rebuttal.

b. Expelled members may be re-instated only with approval of 2/3’s of the membership by vote at a general membership meeting.

C. Elected officials may be recalled from office by appropriate actions in accordance withSection X-B-2a of these By-Laws.

D. Decisions of the Executive Board may be vetoed by appropriate actions in accordance with Section X-B-2a of these By-Laws and Roberts Rules of Order.


A. Club equipment may not be loaned.

B. Club equipment may only be rented after:

1. Such rental is approved by the Executive Board.

2. Such rental does not interfere with planned Club activities.

3. The Secretary receives from the renter a document stating the renter’s intention of:

a. obtaining and returning the equipment.

b. repairing any damaged goods (to the satisfaction of the Executive Boards).

c. replacing any unrepairable (as determined by the Executive Board) or lost goods.

C. Rental and/or deposit fees shall be established by the Executive Board on a case-by-case basis.


A. The Club may be dissolved at any time by appropriate actions in accordance with SectionX-B-2a of these By-Laws.

B. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, whether voluntary, involuntary or by the action of law; none of the Club property, proceeds or assets shall be distributed to any member of the Club.

C. After payment of all debts and obligations of the Club, its remaining property, proceeds, and assets shall be donated to a charitable organization for the benefit of dogs, such organization to be selected by the Executive Board from among suggestions received from the membership.