The purpose of the club shall be to conduct sled dog races and promote the safe and humane training, driving, and racing of sled dogs. The following individuals have been elected to represent the board of the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club.

President: Johnn Molburg
Email: arcticstarsleds at
Phone Number:  (814) 684-3594

Vice President: Meredith Michener
Email: Mclark37 at
Phone: (484) 354-6337 

Treasurer: Marsha J. Stoffa
Email: mjqstoller at
Phone: (717) 398-2494

Secretary:  Carolyn McKenrick
Email: pineymt456 at
Phone Number:  (717) 486-5108

Board Member: Laurie Stone
Email: stonemyst2001 at
Phone: (717) 357-5147

Board Member: Dan Rehak
Email: dan at
Phone Number: (412) 301-3040

Board Member: Mary Beth Logue
Email: scoutmbl at
Phone Number: (570) 490-5047

Board Member: Lynda Ninos
Email: ironheartsleddogs at
Phone Number: (484) 274-2101

Board Member: George Chianese
Email: gchianese at
Phone Number: (443) 655-6400

Social Media Coordinator: Donna Quante
Email: djqhusky at
Phone Number: (717) 420-5567

Webmaster: Jessica Kizmann