Attention Registered Breed Drivers

PSDC will be offering a Registered Breed Group in all classes at our 2018-2019 races. The Registered Breed Group will operate under the ISDRA Registered Breed Group Standard.

All registered breed drivers must:

a) Provide registration information for all canine athletes prior to the race.

b) Have a copy of canine registration paperwork available for inspection at the race. Per ISDRA requirements, all prize winning teams will have their registration papers checked; additional random checks may be performed.

Any team that does not provide canine registration information prior to the race or that cannot provide proof of registration when requested will be placed in the All Breed (PRO) group. PSDC has an online entry form used to provide canine registration information. You only need to enter information once for the entire season, but you must provide the information prior to the race registration closing deadline.

Once registration closes and start times are assigned, you cannot be added to the Registered Breed Group and if canine registration information is not provided prior to the race you will be placed in the All Breed Group even if you signed up for the Registered Breed Group. No race day exceptions! Canine registration information used to determine the group that you run in cannot be provided on site.

You may enter your canine registration information now:

For questions e-mail:


All registration is online only!

Drivers in all wheeled classes must wear eye protection and a properly fitting helmet.

Adult drivers in sprint sled classes must wear a properly fitting helmet.

Any driver under 18 must wear a properly fitting helmet in any class except canicross.

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