Unfortunately, we have to cancel the race due to a lack of snow and warm temperatures forecasted for the week. We are still having a few events for people to learn about the sport of mushing and to meet the amazing athletes, the sled dogs.

On Saturday (2/24/2018) morning at 9 AM the sled dogs and equipment will be on display at the Darling Run Access to the Pine Creek Rail Trail. People can talk with a mushers, pet the dogs and will have the opportunity to take a photo of them being behind a sled dressed as a musher. Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries will be selling drinks and snacks. It may be a nice day for people to visit with the sled dog team and get out and hike the trail.

At 11 AM, we will be at the Burnin’ Barrel Restaurant with the dogs and equipment. Here people can have the chance to see the team, met a musher, take photos, and purchase lunch. Also, the restaurant will be having three varieties of Straub beer on tap. We hope to see you on Saturday.

Thank you for interest in the Canyon Sled Dog Challenge. We are already planning next year’s race.

Canyon Sled Dog Challenge

18 mile Mid Distance Race, February 24, 2018


Photo by Julie VanNess from the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce

Photo by Julie VanNess from the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce

Race Details:


  • 8 Dog: Pro & Registered Breed
  • 6 Dog: Pro & Registered Breed

Purse: $750 minimum

Entry Fee: $65



Tentative Schedule:

  • January 2018, Registration Opens
  • February 21, 2018, 5:00PM - Registration Closes
  • February 21, 2018, 5:00PM - All Registered Breed Paperwork Deadline
  • February 23, 2018 6:00-7:15PM - Meet the Mushers, open to the public.  Dinner available to purchase.  Location TBC.
  • February 23. 2018 7:30PM - Driver's Meeting, Bib distribution, parking assignments (based on start order), trail report, rules summary, registered breed documentation check.
  • February 24 2018 7:30AM - All drivers on site (parking assignments based on start order)
  • February 24 2018 8:00AM - Mandatory Driver's Meeting, Bib distribution, trail report, rules summary, registered breed documentation check.
  • February 24 2018 9:00AM - Start.  8 dog class followed by 6 dog class.  2 minute start intervals.
  • February 24 2018 1:00PM - Award Ceremony, open to the public.  Lunch available to purchase.  Location TBC.

Race Officials:

  • Organizer: Mary Beth Logue
  • Marshall: Dan Rehak
  • Registrar: Mary Beth Logue
  • Chief Timer: TBC
  • Trail Boss: TBC
  • Chute Judge: Johnn Molburg
  • Registered Breed Official: Dan Rehak

Musher Information

  1. All participants must be a member in good standing with the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club (PSDC).  Each participant must sign a waiver agreeing to hold PSDC, Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), event sponsors and other contributors and all volunteers harmless from any claim, demand, or injury based on any alleged action or inaction by the driver, his/her dogs or others acting in his/her behalf.

  2. A musher must be 18 years old to complete unless written parent/legal guardian permission is obtained. Please contact the registrar for information and the form. Mushers under the age of 18 must wear a properly fitting helmet.

  3. The required driver’s meeting will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 8:00 AM. Drivers must be on site by 7:30 AM.

  4. A meet the mushers event will be held on Friday, February 23, 2018 at the Burnin’ Barrel Bar/Ansonia Valley Inn (5440 Route 6, Wellsboro, PA) starting at 6:00 PM.  A non-required driver’s meeting will also be held at 7:30 PM.

  5. Organizers may limit the number of teams.  Mushers and teams will park and start at the Marsh Creek Access Rail Trail (1551 Marsh Creek Rd, Wellsboro, PA 16901). Parking will be assigned.  A full refund will be provided to any team that registers and exceed the entry field size limit.  Spectators will be at the Darling Run Access.

  6. The course is the on the Pine Creek Trail (Rail-Trail) from Ansonia to Tiadaghton and back to Ansonia for a total of 18 miles.  A tear drop shaped loop will turn the teams around.  Team exiting the turning around have the right of way and entering teams must yield to them.  A no over taking passing zone is declared from 100’ before entering the turn around until 100’ after exiting the turn around.  Mushers and teams need to comfortable with passing other teams both head-on and over taking from behind.  Drivers need to be aware that there is no trail access for handlers and spectators except at the start; access to the turn around is limited to trail help.  There will be no trail help at any other point along the trail and no dogs can be dropped at any point along the trail.

  7. The Canyon Sled Dog Challenge will follow ISDRA Speed Rules (2008) with the additions/modifications described in this document.  Please review these rules at the following link: CLICK HERE

  8. Start order will be selected by the organizers and presented at the driver’s meeting on Friday, February 23, 2018.

  9. Entry fee of $65.00 must be paid and the participant must be a PSDC member in good standing. Registration deadline and payment is due Wednesday, February 21, 2018 by 5:00 PM.   If the event is cancelled, it will be announced on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 by 6:00 PM.  Registration is online only; payment is via PayPal only.  All fees paid will be refunded if the race is cancelled by the organizers.

  10. You must have proof of current immunizations for rabies, distemper and parvovirus for all dogs brought to the race site. Acceptable proof includes certificate for rabies and either certification, titer result, or receipt of purchase for distemper and parvovirus will be accepted. The vaccination report must be completed and due to registrar by 7:30 AM February 24, 2018.  

  11. All mushers in the registered breed class must complete the registered breed form and submit ant required documentation by the race registration deadline.  Registration information for all registered breed dogs will be checked.  Please use this link to the registered breed form:  https://www.cognitoforms.com/PennsylvaniaSledDogClub1/PennsylvaniaSledDogClubRegisteredBreedEntry20172018

  12. Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the event marshall. The marshal shall resolve disputes among drivers and interpret the rules in regard to infractions and penalties.  He/she shall also have the authority to establish rules to cover special or unforeseen situations. 

  13. Driver’s bib must be worn at all times.  Mushers may be required to display sponsor banners on their sleds during the race.

  14. All sleds must be equipped with a sled bag Meeting ISDRA requirements capable of safely restraining dog(s) for no dog drop is available.

  15. All sleds must have a snub line meeting ISRDA requirements.

  16. All mushers must have the following required gear on person or in the sled— knife, first aid kit, a cable cuter (if using  a cable gangline) and four booties per dog is required at the start of the race, but not required at the finish.

  17. The minimum number of dogs for the 8 dog class is 6.  The minimum number of dogs for the 6 dog class is 4.  All dogs shall be in harness and on the gangline at the start.

  18. Awards ceremony will take place that afternoon (approximately 1:00 PM) at the Burnin’ Barrel Bar/Ansonia Valley Inn. Mushers must be present at the ceremony to receive any awards and purse checks.

Accommodations: Info on dog friendly accommodations forthcoming.

Local Information:

Spectators:  Spectators are welcome.  Separate spectator parking will be available on a first-come basis at the Darling Run Access Area.  Limited spectator parking.  No spectator parking in the start area.   Spectator's dogs not permitted anywhere.

Rules:  Rules forthcoming, including minimum size of team in harness at start and finish, required equipment (snub, snow hook, dog bag, booties), etc.

Attention drivers: PSDC requires a properly fitting helmet for anyone under 18 year of age in all classes (rig, bikejor, scooter, sled, skijor) except canicross.

This is an addition to our requirement for a properly fitting helmet and eye wear for all drivers of any age in all wheeled classes.

Registered Breed Group: Open to Northern Breed dogs: Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute or Samoyed.  Formal AKC/CKC/… breed registration (no IPL dogs).  Dog info must be submitted prior to registration deadline.  Breed registration paperwork must be presented for all dogs before the race.  Dogs previously entered into the PSDC RB list do not need to be reentered.