From all the pictures and posts, I am seeing on social media, folks are really anxious to get the fall dry-land and winter training seasons underway. With much too much rain and an extended warm weather pattern, many are off to a later than normal training schedule. Training youngsters and conditioning the veterans are in full swing.

I want to thank the folks that stepped up to organize and present the club with a very successful summer camp out, in Morris, PA. Liz and Rich Stanaitis, Diana Geitzenauer, Mary Beth Louge, all worked together to make the weekend enjoyable, informative, and relaxing. The presentation by Laura Neesse, was well received and very inspiring. To see a young musher successfully achieve her dreams was very special. Thank you to everyone who pitched in to make the weekend a great one.

We are now moving into our fall schedule. The first event will be our fall training weekend at Camp Achela in Blakeslee, PA October 26 – 28. In addition to the canine activities offered, event organizer, Luwanna Krause is planning a special event on Saturday evening. There is always lots of great food available on this weekend including our big turkey dinner that has become an annual event. Registration is available on line now. Please share this information to fellow club and non club member so many can enjoy the weekend.

Soon after the weekend look for more information on our dry-land event, (Fair Hill) and our snow race (Tug Hill). Dates and details will be available soon.

I want to wish all members who will soon be hitting the dry-land trails much success. For those who will be attending training seminars and trade fairs, may they be valuable experiences for all. I look forward to seeing many of you over the next few months.

Johnn Molburg
President, PA Sled Dog Club


By Nancy Molburg