• Fair Hill (map)
  • 65 Kennel Road
  • Elkton, MD, 21921
  • United States

The Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club is holding a
Sunday, December 4, 2016
This event is co-sponsored by BALTO TEAM & ZEUS-JUICE

Come out and take a run on the race course, this is not a race, although it will be organized with a mandatory drivers meeting! Even though we have use of the grounds as an official event there are still park and trail rules that must be followed. The entire park is not shut down for this so you may encounter a hiker, biker, or riders! We will have a map of the trail posted and the trail will be marked. You will have the choice of a 2.5 or 4 mile trail. The trail is mostly two track paths, some dirt some gravel, through woods, mowed paths in fields, crossing two streams(less than 6” deep), and finishing with quite an impressive hill!! Bikes, Scooters, Rigs, Carts and Canicrossers all welcome. There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the trail with the exception of officials. However you may bring and use your own machine to assist in getting your team to the start chute. The more people you bring the more trail help we will have out there!!

Parking will be at the race barns on Kennel Road. Signs will be posted at the entrance on Route 273. You will run the course in the proper direction as the race is run. We will have some people who will be running the timing equipment for their own training purposes, so we will have times recorded. You must check in at ‘the start’ before entering the trail system, we need to know who is on the trail and your tentative plan. Cell phone reception is spotty due to the hills and woods.

As with all of our events, you must be a member of the PSDC to enter the training day. You may register online, and we will have membership applications the day of the event.

A hot lunch will be provided, hot dogs, hamburgers, hot and cold drinks. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. Cost per team is $10. Bring as many as you like. This is to offset the cost of renting the facilities, any additional monies will go to the 2016 Fair Hill Challenge Race.

You can pre- register online or mail your registration to:

Lynda Ninos
PO Box 66
Kirkwood PA 17536

Make checks payable to PSDC.

Registrations WILL be accepted the day of the event for additional teams, so drop an email or call (717-314- 0374 cell 717-529- 3875 eves) if you think you will be able to make it! We want to get a head count for lunch and let the timers add as many teams as they can to the timing sheet ahead of time.